Roulette Is Fast And Furious!

So, it’s good to know the rules of etiquette ahead of time.

First, you are generally given 1 minute to place your bet before the dealer picks up the white ball.

Now, you can still place your bet as the white ball is spinning, but the dealer will eventually say “No more bets” and wave his hand over the play.

Etiquette states you are not to touch any chips during this time.

After the ball stops, the dealer will mark the number and remove any losing bets.

He will pay out the winning bets but it’s important not to touch your chips until everyone has received their payout.

Also, before you play you should try to familiarize yourself with some of the roulette bets so you know where to place your chips.

Lastly, while drinking at some tables is encouraged; in roulette it’s considered poor etiquette to have a drink at the table.

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