Casino Hold’Em Odds and Payouts

When it comes to Casino Hold’Em, understanding your odds is a critical component of ensuring success at the tables. You don’t want to go head to head against the dealer without knowing your odds because you will be making decisions in the dark. Making a poor play at the tables can cost you serious money, so you don’t want to squander your bankroll with uninformed decision making. This is where understanding the odds and house edge come into play.

Poker can be an intimidating game for some. With all the professional poker coverage on television and its representation in popular culture, new players may feel like they just can’t get a leg up on players who already have years of experience. With that attitude, you will never break into the most popular poker game in the world. We can help you get into the game even faster with our useful how to play, rules, and strategy resources that deliver confidence and competency to Casino Hold’Em players new and experienced alike.

Calculating The Video Poker House Edge

The first characteristic of the game is to understand the house edge. As in any casino game, the house has a certain percentage of advantage. This is understood by players and it directly corresponds to the amount of money received from payouts. You can find the odds easily in any casino game’s rules section.

There are many variations of the game to be considered as well. The most common are standard Casino Hold’Em, Ultimate Casino Hold’Em, and Live Casino Hold’Em. When participating in a single deck game, the house edge comes to 0.82% for Ante bets and 6.26% when it comes to the AA or Bonus side bet, where available.

Casino Hold’Em Hand Odds

The odds in Casino Hold’Em shift throughout the course of the game because more cards are coming into play. The tables below will lend more insight into the probability of hands through the progression of the game as well as the probability of landing a winning hand in the poker hierarchy.

Odds Of Receiving Two Card Hands Upon Initial Deal

Hand Probability Odds
A/K (or any specific suited cards) 0.302% 331:1
A/A (or any specific pair) 0.453% 220:1
A/K, K/Q, Q/J, or J/10 (suited cards) 1.21% 81.9:1
A/K (or any specific non-pair, incl. suited) 1.21% 81.9:1
A/A, K/K, or Q/Q 1.36% 72.7:1
A/A, K/K, Q/Q, or J/J 1.81% 54.3:1
Suited cards, Jack or better 1.81% 54.3:1
A/A, K/K, Q/Q, J/J, or T/T 2.260% 43.2:1
Suited cards, T or better 3.02% 32.2:1
Suited cards of consecutive rank 3.92% 24.5:1
Connected cards, T or better 4.83% 19.7:1
Any two cards with rank Q or higher 4.98% 19.1:1
Any pocket pair 5.88% 16:1
Any two cards with rank J or higher 9.05% 10.1:1
Any two cards with rank T or higher 14.3% 5.98:1
Cards of consecutive rank 15.7% 5.38:1
Any two cards with rank 9 or higher 20.8% 3.81:1
Neither consecutive nor suited, at least one 2-9 53.4% 0.873:1


When it comes to the possibilities after the deal, the came becomes more complex they can be expressed in a table that reviews the player’s probability of making a hand with a given number of outs, be it on the flop, turn or the river.

Odds Landing A Hand On The Flop

Hand Odds Percent
A flush 118:1 0.8%
A straight when holding any two connecting cards J-10 through 5-4 76:1 1.3%
Three of a kind when holding a pocket pair 7.5:1 11.8%
A hidden pair (one card in hand and one card in community pool) 2.45:1 29%


Odds Of Landing A Hand On The Turn

Hand Probability Odds
Inside straight flush; 2.13% 46:1
Four of a kind 2.13% 46:1
Open-ended straight flush; 4.26% 22.5:1
Three of a kind 4.26% 22.5:1
High pair 6.38% 14.7:1
Inside straight; 8.51% 10.8:1
Full house 8.51% 10.8:1
Three of a kind or two pair 10.64% 8.40:1
Either pair 12.77% 6.83:1
Full house or four of a kind; (see note) 14.89% 5.71:1
Inside straight or high pair 14.89% 5.71:1
Open-ended straight 17.02% 4.88:1
Flush 19.15% 4.22:1
Inside straight or pair 21.28% 3.7:1
Open-ended straight or high pair 23.4% 3.27:1
Inside straight or flush; 25.53% 2.92:1
Flush or high pair 25.53% 2.92:1
Open-ended straight or pair 29.79% 2.36:1
Open-ended straight or flush; 31.91% 2.13:1
Flush or pair; Inside straight, 31.91% 2.13:1
flush or high pair 31.91% 2.13:1
Inside straight or flush or pair; 38.3% 1.61:1
Open-ended straight, flush or high pair 38.3% 1.61:1
Open-ended straight, flush or pair 44.68% 1.24:1


Odds Of Landing A Hand On The River

Hand Probability Odds
Inside straight flush; 2.17% 45:1
Four of a kind 2.17% 45:1
Open-ended straight flush; 4.35% 22:1
Three of a kind 4.35% 22:1
High pair 6.52% 14.3:1
Inside straight; 8.7% 10.5:1
Full house 8.7% 10.5:1
Three of a kind or two pair 10.87% 8.2:1
Either pair 13.04% 6.67:1
Full house or four of a kind; (see note) 15.22% 5.57:1
Inside straight or high pair 15.22% 5.57:1
Open-ended straight 17.39% 4.75:1
Flush 19.57% 4.11:1
Inside straight or pair 21.74% 3.60:1
Open-ended straight or high pair 23.91% 3.18:1
Inside straight or flush; 26.09% 2.83:1
Flush or high pair 26.09% 2.83:1
Open-ended straight or pair 30.43% 2.29:1
Open-ended straight or flush; 32.61% 2.07:1
Flush or pair; Inside straight, 32.61% 2.07:1
flush or high pair 32.61% 2.07:1
Inside straight or flush or pair; 39.13% 1.56:1
Open-ended straight, flush or high pair 39.13% 1.56:1
Open-ended straight, flush or pair 45.65% 1.19:1


Video Poker Payouts

Payouts will vary from one game of Casino Hold’Em to the next. The hierarchy of poker hands will give you a good indication of the payout structure and the AA/Bonus bet payouts will also lend some insight into expected returns. These payouts are always on display directly on the game table.

By now you’ve got a clear picture of how the odds stack up throughout the progression of the game and how good of a chance you have of landing a hand at any point in time. With this in mind, you can attack every hand with fierce determination and pinpoint accuracy when it comes to making the right play. If you would like to learn more about Casino Hold’Em, please review our how to play, rules, and strategy resources. When you are ready, head over to our recommended casinos resource for a selection of the best online casinos offering Casino Hold’Em games and lucrative player rewards.

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