Casino Hold’Em Rules

Before you sit down to a table of online Casino Hold’Em, you should get familiar with the rules of the game. Knowing all the plays and how to rank hands, as well as betting procedure will go a long way in ensuring you come out on top more often than not. In live poker, things can get very complicated, very quickly as multiple players can all be vying for the same big payout in the form of the pot. Bluffing, posturing, bullying, all these approaches to the game can throw you off an either diminish your confidence or leave you overconfident when playing a hand. In online Casino Hold’Em, it’s just you against the house. That means no need to play it any other way than straight up. You can treat every hand of poker like a heads-up game that goes to the showdown, potentially winning hundreds every hand. You might even want to consider jackpot variations to win a percentage of the biggest payouts available based on your hand’s strength in the hierarchy.

The Basics

Let’s get started by covering the more common rules you will encounter in popular Casino Hold’Em games. After you’ve become comfortable with these rules, you can begin to incorporate strategy into your game and factor in the odds of making a hand that beats the house.

The Cards

In a game of Casino Hold’Em, you will typically play the game with one 52-card deck of casino playing cards. This deck is shuffled before the game begins. In a live game, this deck would only be shuffled that one time before play begins. In online versions of the game, the deck is constantly being shuffled behind the scenes, which makes it near impossible to calculate what card will be coming up next.

The Ante

When you are ready to play a game of Casino Hold’Em, you are required to place an ante on the table. This is a wager that signals to the dealer you want to participate in the game. Consider it the price of entry. The ante can be any amount of chips that fall within the minimum and maximum betting range for the table on which you are playing.

The Blind

Unlike live Hold’Em, Casino Hold’Em does not incorporate a blind, which serves as an additional bet required of certain participating players regardless of whether they want to choose to play the hand or not. This is present to ensure no player can simply sit on chips and wait out the game to the end.

AA/Bonus Side Bet

The AA or Bonus side bet is just what you might think it is judging from its name. If you want to be considered for the bonus payout an AA bet provides, you must also place the required bet in the appropriate position on the table prior to receiving cards from the dealer. If participating in an AA bet, you will receive a portion of the bonus according to the payout list that is displayed directly on the poker table. You not only have to qualify for the bonus on your end of the game, but the dealer’s hand must also qualify in order for you to receive your payout. This qualifying hand is typically a low pair or better. We most commonly see the requirement set at a pair of fours or higher.

The Trips Side Bet

The trips side bet is an optional wager the player can wager on before cards are dealt. The bet is placed on the cards held in the player’s final hand. If you hand ranks among those that qualify, you’ll earn a payout according to the payout schedule for the trips bet, as is displayed on the game table.

The Deal

When it comes to the progression of the game, there are several paths it can take. As soon as you are ready to play, have placed your ante, and press the DEAL button, the game is underway. You will receive two hole cards face up, while the dealer will receive their cards face down. At this point, you can take one of three courses of action, a check, a raise 3x, or a raise 4x. The multiple is equal to your ante times that number.

The Call

To call is a common poker term and it means to meet the bet made previous to your turn. For example, if another player bets $5 and the turn goes to you afterwards, you must call with a bet of $5 to stay in the hand or fold.

The Fold

Contrary to what the name may imply, the fold does not involve any playing card origami. Instead, the fold is an action that signals you no longer want to play the current hand. Any previous wagers made are lost after a player decides to fold.

The Check

A check is an action that players utilize in live poker games and in Casino Hold’Em games to equal advantage. This action staves off a bet until the player has a better idea of the strength of their hand and whether or not they would like to increase their bet as a result. You have two opportunities to check in some Casino Hold’Em games, the first is after the initial deal of cards. The second is after the flop.

The Flop

After the cards have been dealt and the player either bets or checks the flop is laid out on the table. At this point, both the player and dealer have their two hole cards. A single card is burned face down and three more cards are turned face-up. These three cards make up the first of the five community cards both player and dealer will use in creating the strongest hand possible. The player has another three courses of action at this point in the game. The player may check again, bet 1x the ante or bet 2x the ante. This is the last opportunity to check a bet as during the two rounds of the game a player must place a wager or fold.

The Turn

During the turn, the dealer burns an additional one card and turns an additional one card face up in the community card pool. At this point, the player can either check once more or place a wager.

The River

The river is the last stage of the game where cards are dealt. A final card is burned face down and a final card is turned face up. At this point in the game, all community cards are laid out on the table. The player can either fold or bet 1x their ante. If the player decides to fold all previous wagers are lost and the game comes to an end. If the player bets, both dealer cards are shown and the hands are calculated in terms of strength. The stronger hand wins the pot.

These are the most basic rules of Casino Hold’Em and its many variations. You can learn more about how to play, betting strategies and tips, as well as the odds and payouts in Casino Hold’Em games using our convenient resources. When you are ready to play for real, check out our recommended casinos for the best places to play Casino Hold’Em and redeem lucrative casino promotions.

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