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This History Of Blackjack

Blackjack is another game whose origins are hotly debated. In the early 1600’s, in Spain, a game called “Veintiuna” (21) has been documented. A similar game in France, “Vingt-et-Un’(French for 21) has also been sited. This was in the early 1700’s. There is even a theory that there was a game in the Roman Empire using wooden blocks with numbers on them that may have been a precursor to 21. It is believed to have been spread to North America in the early 1900’s and has remained popular ever since. Why is it called blackjack? Because when the game of “21” was introduced to the United States, gambling establishments often offered bonus payments to promote the game. One involved a special ten to one bonus if the player’s hand ended up being an ace of spades in addition to a jack of spades. Hence, blackjack!

Blackjack is a simple card game that has more players than roulette and baccarat, combined. It’s mainly a game of chance and luck although some strategy is involved. The object is to beat the dealer (house) by having a higher card total without going over 21. Cards from two to ten are face value while jacks, queens, and kings equal ten. An ace can be valued as a one or eleven. Individual suits have no special meaning in this came.

Smart Choice CasinosPlayers place bets by putting the desired number of chips in front of them (often a circle) in front of their seat. The dealer will deal two cards face up to each player and he (dealer) received one card up and one face down (“hole” card). In turn, the dealer asks each player if they want to “hit” (get another card) or “stand”. One indicates a “hit” by tapping the table. A “stand” is indicated by waving your hand over your cards. Bets are made during the course of the game; once, after you receive your two cards and depending on what cards you receive (two of the same number.) Once all players have made their decisions, the dealer reveals his “hole” card and hits or stands as appropriate. Payouts are based on the outcome. Winning depends on the dealer’s cards and there is a number of determinations that can be made. Ultimately, the goal is to reach a final score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21, get 21 points on your first 2 cards or let the dealer draw additional cards until his/her hand exceeds 21.  There are many rule variations of this game.

There is a Blackjack Hall of Fame. Launched in 2002, it honors blackjack experts, authors and professional players that have made great contributions to the game.

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