Virgin Casino New Jersey Review

  • 9.5/10
    Site Design - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Game Choice - 9/10
  • 9.2/10
    Mobile Offering - 9.2/10
  • 9.1/10
    Sign-Up Bonus - 9.1/10
  • 9.5/10
    Bonuses & Promotions - 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Loyalty & VIP Program - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Deposit / Withdrawal - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Deposit / Withdrawl - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Customer Service - 9/10

Virgin Casino New Jersey Online Casino Review

Virgin Casino is red hot! Most people don’t know this but Virgin, a brand typically associated with airlines and music also has its roots in games! That’s right! Virgin launched their games business in 1981, before the birth of Virgin Atlantic or Virgin America. The Virgin group of companies was started by visionary English entrepreneur Richard Branson whose flare and zest for life has helped shape this brand and every division associated with it.

In 2005, Virgin’s began offering online casino games mainly in the United Kingdom, making them one of the first online major brands to offer an online casino.  So, now it only makes sense that they stake their claim as a pioneer here in New Jersey too! Virgin partnered with Tropicana Entertainment to bring you their red hot casino,

Virgin Casino offers a full range of casino table games, slots and bingo including a number of games you can’t find anywhere else. While they don’t offer the most number of games, they have been very selective to assure you get the highest quality games. So in this case, less is actually more!

SmartChoice Notable Features


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62 Slot


12 Table






Sister Site


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Smart Choice Likes

Only Requires Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number

Not many people like to give up their entire social security number, and while we don’t blame you, unfortunately it’s the law. All online casinos in the US are required to maintain a player’s SSN. We like Virgin’s clever fix for that! They have figured out a safe and secure solution that only requires you to give your last 4-digits only. This is only available at and sister site So if you’re a little paranoid about not want to give up your entire social security, this is your place to play!

Daily Free Games

Ready for some free love? Virgin offers two great ways to win free spins! Play Tiki’s Catch of the Day for a chance to win free spins. On each day that you play, you have 5 chances to rack up a special shell. Then come back on the last day of the month to open your shells and see your big score. Not a fan of fishing? Stay dry and play Search for the Phoenix. This free game is your shot at cracking open a big win. Collect an egg for every day that you play, and then come back on the last day of the month to see what’s inside. Don’t forget, the more days you play, the better your chances will be at landing a big win!

Free Bingo Any Time

What better than playing for free? The ability to play for free all the time! Yup! You don’t have to purchase tickets to get all your bingo enjoyment. So long as the bingo room is open (open hours: noon to 11 pm) you can play for free as long as you like. There are some limitations though such as limits on the number of tickets and payout. But since it’s free, you get the chance to win a prize without spending a dime!

Virgin Casino’s Overall Score | 9.5 / 10

Virgin Casino offers the right mix of sexy and sophistication. From the red hot theme to the intuitive design, Virgin Casino has it all.   A combination of experience that will provide you with hours of entertainment, and if you’re lucky, extra cash in your pocket.

Virgin Casino gives you a great experience. From the moment you log on and enter the lobby the Management at Virgin Casino has made it easy to navigate. You get a taste of every game from the get go, from there you can find versions of the table games that you like.

Virgin Casino has over 40 slot titles, and adds new slots when available. All of the slots are easy to play. Each slot will show the pay tables, and gives a good explanation on the bonus rounds and free spins.

I was extremely happy with all the table games. I am happy with the offering of 3 Blackjacks. Its easy to pick the version which best suits your play. Leaving a table and going to the next is simple, a lot easier that a land based casino. We all get a tough run from time to time.

The Video Poker offered from the Virgin casino was defiantly up to par, offering 4 of my favorites from IGT. The have the same look and feel (without the sticky drinks on the screen) as you would find in a land based casino. All offering good pay lines.

All of the table games are fun to play, I like to take breaks and play the different games. Its, much nicer and less intimidating to play new games online. All the games give show the odds and give you a how to play section. I find something new every time I access the odd/help button.

Virgin Casino’s Site Design | 9.0 / 10

Virgin Casino gives you a great experience. From the moment you log on and enter the lobby the folks at Virgin have made it easy to navigate. No clutter. No confusion. It’s all about the high quality games; Slots, Casino Bingo. It’s all right there.

Everything on Virgin Casino is just one click away. Want to manage your account? Rather than show you every button, those clever folks at Virgin tuck non-game related links in the Menu button on the top right corner. Need help at any time? It’s all just one click away.

Click the Menu bar to manage your account, get help, read the FAQ or check out how many V* Points you have accumulated. Maybe you just want to go back to the home page. It’s all right there. What makes the design so great is that you can play your favorite game and manage your account at the same time!

Virgin Casino registration process is as simple as they come. All the required fields in an easy to use form.

Got a question? No problem! You have 3 ways to contact customer service: chat, phone and email. No more hunting for that hard to find customer service number. Unlike many companies, Virgin  eager to help.

4 digit Social Security Number: Virgin was the first site to offer 4 digit SSN!  With the exception of sister site Tropicana and more recently launched, Resorts, all other casinos in New Jersey require the full 9-digital social security number. If you value your privacy than this is the place to play.

Strong Authentication: Strong Authentication is one unique difference that Virgin and sister site Tropicana offer as a requirement. You will be sent a text message with a 4 digit security code each time you log on to the site which you must enter within 3 minutes. The downside is that you must have your mobile device with you every time you log. But on the flip side, it means that you can be rest assured that your account is safe! Anytime anyone logs onto your account (family member or stranger) that text message will alert you.  Sleep well!

Virgin Casino’s Game Choice | 9.5 / 10

Virgin Casino may not offer the biggest selection of slots games in New Jersey but definitely offer some of the best games around. They are the only site, with sister site Tropicana, to offer bingo and you can even play the slots while also playing bingo! Virgin Casino has kept true to the Virgin brand, a focus on excellence. The gaming experience at this Casino is sure to be rivaled by the competitors.

If you like Blackjack you will love it here at Virgin. They offer 5 versions of the classic game. They give us 3 versions that have a hole card and 2 with no hole card. Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, Multi-hand Blackjack.


  • Min $1 Max $1000
  • 2 Decks
  • Multi Splits
  • Double Down on any 2 cards
  • Double after split
  • Dealer hits soft 17
  • Split aces once


  • 2 Decks
  • Multi Splits
  • Double Down on any 2 cards
  • Double after split
  • Dealer stands on all 17’s
  • Split aces once
  • Split 3x to 4 hands
  • Ace’s split 1x
  • Min $1 Max $1000


  • 8 decks
  • Multi Splits
  • Double Down on any 2 cards
  • Dealer stands on 17
  • Double after split
  • Ace’s split once
  • Split 3x to 4 hands
  • Split Ace’s one card


  • Single Deck
  • Dealer stands on all 17’s
  • Double on 9 and 11 only
  • No Double after split
  • Split only once
  • No Surrender
  • No Hole Card


  • 5 Decks, Shuffled every hand
  • Dealer stands on all 17’s
  • NO double after split
  • Double on 9 and 11 only
  • Split only once
  • No Surrender
  • No Hole Card



  • Minimum $.10
  • Maximum $1,000.00



  • Minimum $10.00
  • Maximum $4,000.00

Virgin Casino actually has one of the best table game offerings in New Jersey. Remember playing the popular Hi-Lo game as a child? Well, now you can test your skill with money! Virgin offers Hi-Lo which cannot be found anywhere else online in New Jersey. Other popular games include favorite Asian games such as Pai Gow and Baccarat as well as Keno.


  • Minimum $1
  • Maximum $510

Pai Gow Poker uses a 53 card deck. The deck has 52 regular cards and 1 joker. The joker completes straights and flushes or can be used as an Ace.

Player and House receive 7 cards and must divide the deal into 2 hands. You must make a 2 card low hand and a 5 card high hand.

The object is to beat the house with both your low and high hand to win. The dealer takes a 5% rake.

You can bet the Bonus circle to create odds for certain hands



  • Choose up to 15 numbers and press draw.

  • Odds will be show based upon the number of number chooses.
Virgin Casino, and sister site Tropicana Casino, gives you the greatest number and variety of site-wide and game-wide jackpots. The Community Jackpot allows you to win even when you aren’t the actual winner. It’s really exciting! Wake up and there could be extra money in your account that you didn’t even know there! Bingo lovers get an extra bonus with the Super Jackpot. Any player who completes all 3 lines in 51 balls or less, hits the Super Jackpot. In true Virgin Casino fashion, it pays to the community. So long as it’s hit in game you bought a ticket, you claim your share of the Super Jackpot
Tiki’s Catch of the Day or Search for the Pheonix, these two games offer you the ability to win free spins over the course of the week. Each day you have 5 chances to win those spins. The more days you come back, the more you can win up to 100 free spins!
Virgin casino has always maintained a smaller but high quality slot offering. Each game is either internally developed by Gamesys Ltd or hand-picked to ensure that your experience is the best. Many of the slots can be found on almost any casino floor. While they only offers 61 total slots on the desktop and 14 on the mobile device, Virgin’s slot selection offers on average a higher payout ratio, making this is one of the big differentiators. Virgin has always been generous with their free play mode. Want to see if you like the game experience before your play? That’s easy! Each game offers a demo mode.
Virgin Casino doesn’t let you down with the popular IGT ‘King Game’ version of video poker. Love playing on the casino floor? You will equally love it here. The four most popular titles including Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker as well as Double and Double Double Bonus Poker

Virgin Casino’s Mobile Offering | 9.2 / 10

Virgin Casino has led the way again with a great Mobile Casino. While the content is a bit sparse, what they lack in variety, they more than make up in quality offering. All four versions of video poker, 2 versions of blackjack, Hi-Lo (the only place to play it online in New Jersey) and 14 slots including many popular ones found on the casino floor. The mobile offering is available on both android and apple and the app offers the exact functionality as the desktop version. There are few little negatives. First you can only play when the phone turned sideways. Plus, you cannot play the daily free game or bingo which is a shame.  Finally, the excitement of the community jackpots is also not apparent with no keys that pop up to unlock the treasure chest! But don’t fret! You can still win the community jackpot if someone else unlocks with the lucky key. Phew!

Virgin Casino’s Sign-Up Bonus | 9.1 / 10

9Virgin Casino was the first casino to offer the novel Welcome Bonus. This generous rebate package allows you to get back up to 100%, up to$100 of the losses on your first deposit. THAT’S REAL CASH! Not bonus money that cannot be withdrawn. Most other online casinos offer a separate sign up bonus plus a first time deposit bonus. The only requirement is the activity must be within the first 7 days of the deposit and first wager. Clever! Simple!

Sign-Up Bonus Rules to be Eligible
New Patrons of who place a first deposit of not less than $10 and place a First Wager are eligble to receive one of the following,
(1) If their Net Losses exceeds 90% of the their first deposit at any time within 7 calendar days after placing their First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their First Deposit, up to a maximum of $100 in cash, or
(2) If their Net Losses does not exceed 90% of their First Deposit after the end of 7 calendar days after placiing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their ?Net Losses up to a maximum of $100 in cash.

All players are subject to a 1x player through requirement, which means they must wager at least the same amount they deposited. This is hardly a difficult hurdle to achieve.

Virgin Casino’s Bonuses and Promotions | 9.5 / 10

Virgin Casino’s has designed their promotions to keep you coming back for more.  They offer a mix of evergreen promotions that are always there as well as seasonal and timely promotions so you never get bored.

Deposit Ladder

The more you pay the more you win as you work your way up Virgin’s Deposit Ladder this weekend. You could earn a Deposit Match Reward worth up to $100 Bonus Money – the more you deposit, the more you’ll earn!

Play & Stay

Play anytime between now and August 23rd, and you can win a trip to the Windy City and experience the first ever Virgin Hotel. Virgin is rolling out the red carpet for our players this week by giving away 3 amazing vacation packages to the all-new Virgin Hotel in Chicago.


Summer Sundays

Don’t let those summertime Sundays get you down! Virgin is making Sundays a lot more rewarding this summer. Until August 23rd, take advantage of summer season special with 10X V*Points, all day Sunday on all your play, up to 5,000 extra V*Points. This is on top of all the other rewards you can earn at Virgin this summer.

Play Now
Play Now
Play Now


Come out of the water and make sure you learn how WINsurf this summer at Virgin Casino. Until August 24th, Virgin is giving you even more summer fun to enjoy this week with 10% Playback worth up to $50 Bonus Money.

Refer a Friend

Share your love of Virgin Casino with friends and you could earn $50 for each new player refer! Just tell your friend your username for them to put in the “Referred by a Friend” field when they register for an account. Each friend that registers will receive a free $10 when they make a deposit of at least $10 and make a wager. At the same time, you’ll earn $50 for yourself!

Play Now
Play Now

Daily Free Games

Virgin wants to give you some free love that is in the form of free spins. Log-on every day and click the ‘Free’. You have choice of either playing the Tiki Catch of the Day or Secrets of the Phoenix. Deposit a minimum of $10 and you are automatically allowed to play. Every day you are given 5 chances to earn your way to up to 100 free spins. But you have to come back every day in order to pick your way to those free spins. Just in case you don’t win with your 5 daily chances that’s okay. Remember Virgin has more ways to win! Each day you play the daily free game, you rack up shells or collect eggs, depending on the game. Keep coming back and playing for a month and you can increase your chances to win. At the end of the crack open the eggs or shells and count what you have won! The more you come back the more you can win.

Community Jackpot

Virgin Casino wants you to have more ways to win so grab your piece of the community jackpot. Play any game at VirginCasino for real money and you are automatically included in their famous Community Jackpot. It doesn’t matter or you win or someone else! So long as you wagered within the past hour you are entitled to your share of the pot, even if you aren’t online!

The community jackpot payout varies according to the player status. Platinum members can earn up to $10,000 on a single jackpot! Every time the Jackpot is hit an additional jackpot up to $20,000 is awards to the community. So if you are the lucky key holder, you win twice! Yup that’s right! You get the original jackpot of up to $10,000 plus a share of the additional community jackpot. The amount of the community jackpot you claim is based on the amount wagered within the hour when the jackpot is hit. The best part? The jackpot is not a progressive so it gets replenished immediately. So far Virgin has handed out over $2 million in community jackpots. Keep your eye out for the key on the top of your screen! You can be the lucky winner (even when you aren’t playing)!

Virgin offers a perennial playback promotion that keeps on changing. The gist of the promotion is pretty much the same: the more you play, the more your win. The fun part is that it’s never the same! Sometimes it’s a reward for playing 1 specified game, other times it’s a reward for playing multiple games. Some are 3 days, some just a few hours. The reward is always the playback: they will refund part of your losses! But you have to keep coming back to SmartChoice Casinos to make sure you never miss out on the next Playback promotion! Signup here for the SmartChoice Casino’s newsletter.

Virgin Casino’s Loyalty and VIP Program | 8.5 / 10

V* Points Loyalty Program

Wanna feel the love? Well, you will love the simplicity of Virgin’s V*Point loyalty program. You earn 1 V*point for every $15 wagered on Bingo, $40 for slots or $100 on other games such as blackjack, roulette, table games and video poker. Each time you earn 20 V*Points, you can cash them in for bonus money on any game at Virgin Casino. V*Points can be converted to Bonus Money at a rate of $0.01 for every 1 V*Point. Remember to keep coming back, you must earn at least 1 V*Point every 90 days. Pretty simple, huh?



Walk Past the velvet rope – Virgin Casino VIP makes you the star of the show and gives you the preferential treatment you deserve. As a VIP, you get the full red carpet treatment. Virgin has dedicated VIP Hosts on hand to deliver personalized service and help with any questions, available 9:30am to 6:00pm 5 days a week. Just look at some of the goodies in store!

  • Ongoing VIP bonuses
  • Special birthday bonuses
  • Bespoke luxury gifts
  • Bigger bonuses
  • Huge V*Point multiplier
  • Personal gameplay advice
  • Prize draws with big, high end prizes
  • VIP Hosts on hand to cater to your every need
  • Premium tickets to the hottest shows and sporting events
  • Weekend getaways to unwind.
  • Something else tickles your fancy? Just call!

To learn more about Virgin’s VIP program, please contact their VIP Team at 201-885-5370 or email

Deposit / Withdrawal | 8.5 / 10

Virgin Casino offers a few different ways to make a deposit. There is always the attempt to use a credit card (Visa and MasterCard), but that as many of you know is rarely successful. Virgin offers other alternatives for you. If you are unsuccessful with your credit cards that’s not a problem anymore. Just select one of the eWallets (Neteller and Skrill), open an account, and you can easily upload your credit card details to fund your new eWallet. You can also use the popular ACH (also known as instant bank transfer) this acts like an instantaneous e-check where you can easily move money from your bank account directly to your Virgin account. For participating banks, there is also the option of an online bank transfer but this can take up to 2 days to receive the money. Finally, there is PayNearMe which requires you to create a PayNearMe account, receive a barcode (print or digital to smartphone) take it to any 7-Eleven or Family Dollar along with the cash to fund your account.

One drawback to Virgin Casino’s deposit option is the limitation that you cannot update or deposit additional money until your account balance is less than $1.00. While I know it is there for my protection, it just seems more of a hassle than anything else.

Virgin Casino’s Customer Service | 9.0 / 10

Questions or Concerns?! That’s not an issue. Virgin offers a fantastic FAQ on their website that should answer almost all your questions or concerns. There is easy access to popular topics such as patron verification, geolocation, payments and technical problems as well as a Top Questions list of most searched questions. If that doesn’t help, there is a searchable database of answers to hundreds of questions.

If that doesn’t solve your problem, then you can customer service directly. Chat, email, phone! Three great ways to easily contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff. If email is your thing, than you can email directly in their web form. Want an answer immediately? Then the chat button is accessible from the Menu button one click away. If you are the chatty sort, then pick up that phone and dial 844-737-7616 to get your answers.

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