Golden Nugget Casino New Jersey Review

Golden Nugget New Jersey Online Casino Review

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Online Casino Review

Golden Nugget Casino is the golden child when it comes to game variety. Golden Nugget offers non-stop casino action anywhere/any time in New Jersey. They offer 126 slot games 4 being jackpot slots, and 34 additional table games, 160 games in total.  Golden Nugget Casino has positioned itself as the go to casino for variety and choices. They have done a great job with all of their offerings, one would be hard pressed not to find a games they like at the Golden Nugget Casino.

Notable Features


Over 40
Mobile Titles


IGT, SHFL, Bally,
Amaya, and High5Games


Golden Nugget

Prepaid 1% Back Card

Game Variety


126 Slot Titles
(4 Jackpot Slots)


6 Variants
Of Blackjack


11 Video
Poker Titles

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Smart Choice Likes

60 Years Of Casino Experience

Golden Nugget opened their first casino in 1946.  It’s been over 60 years since the first Golden Nugget opened its doors. I’m sure they have learned a lot over the years, but one thing is for sure, they know how to treat their players. You cannot be in business for 60 years if your company doesn’t have integrity or ongoing customer relationships.  Golden Nugget knows you need one to have the other.

Golden Nugget has built its brand through customer service, great promotions, unparalleled game variety, strategic game partnerships and integrity.

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Mobile Gaming Experience

Golden Nugget boasts over 40 titles for your mobile phone and tablet. Available on both Apple and Android. This App allows for quick and easy browsing of all the mobile games. Golden Nugget has made this App very user friendly, now you have a real choice between your computer and you mobile.

Overall Score

SCORE 9.1 / 10

Golden Nugget has paid close attention to detail concerning their Casino. From the moment you go to sign up at Golden Nugget, you can tell it’s a class act. Upon sign up at Golden Nugget they will fund your player account with $10 free play bonus money. They offer a $300 1st deposit bonus. Golden Nugget offers cash bonuses for playing their game of the week. They even offer a 1% cashback when you enroll for and fund a Golden Nugget pre-paid card to make depositing and withdrawals easy. Over 140 games are available at Golden Nugget, most of which you know from land based casinos. Golden Nugget is a class act casino that will treat you right.

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Design & Functionality

SCORE 9.0 / 10

After reaching the Golden nugget home page you will notice how easy the navigation is. Top right hand corner lets you Log In or Sign Up, if you haven’t done this yet. Then from the top middle of the screen to the right you see button that can answer any question you have.

Golden Nugget

The All Games tab brings you into the casino, while giving you a list of various games while showing their featured games of the day. The list includes Slots, Jackpot Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker, and Table Games that are available to play. You can choose a game category and see all the titles that are available in the category.

The Banking tab will show all the methods available to withdrawal and deposit monies at Golden Nugget Casino. The Promo’s tab shows all the current promotions that are being run. It’s always good to check these out before depositing.

If you cannot find the answers then use the help button to contact customer support.


Golden Nugget lobby is too easy to use from a player perspective. If you know what you would like to play you can pick you category and then go right to your game.


Above is an example of choosing the slot category.



Above is an example of choosing the Table Games category.

Accessibility Outside Of New Jersey

If you are outside of New Jersey, you can only play at Golden nugget for fun or in demo mode. I find that I can find games that interest me while in the play/demo mode without getting bored as I like to play to see how the bonus game features work and to see how generous free spin modes are.

You can log in and check you balance, withdrawal, and even deposit if you are outside of New Jersey.

Customer service is also available if you are outside of New Jersey.

Mobile will not let you access your account at this time or play in play/demo mode.

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Game Choice

SCORE 9.5 / 10

One of the biggest strengths of Golden Nugget Casino is their ability to offer a wide selection of games. Whether it be Slots, Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, or other table games, Golden Nugget has many variations to choose. They realize every person likes something different and with this thinking they have a game for everyone. Golden nugget is offering games from all the top suppliers like Bally, IGT, and SHFL entertainment.

Huge Slot Selection

Golden Nugget has hit a home run when it comes to Slot choice. Having been in business for over 60 years, they are able to provide all of these great games due to their relationships with their suppliers. Golden Nugget has been able to provide all the latest and greatest games, and their list continues to grow.

Golden Nugget has over 122 slot games. All the titles that you know, and also some that are Golden Nugget exclusive that will not be found anywhere else.

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Captain Nemo:

If you are a Jules Verne fan you will love this casino adaption of his book Twenty Thousand leagues under the sea. The nautical spirited jackpot slot will keep you holding your breath even though tough you are not 20,000 leagues under the sea. Go for a ride on the Nautilus and let Capt. Nemo help you find the Jackpot.

Captain Nemo is a 5 reel, 20 line Jackpot Slot with a nautical theme. A bonus round is triggered when 3 or more Captain Nemo symbols appear. In this bonus round you will keep picking your rewards until you reveal three strikes.

The Jackpot:

One spin will be awarded. You will spin a 3 ring wheel. If you spin the outer wheel and you land on an arrow the middle wheel will be activated and automatically spin. If the second wheel lands on the jackpot symbol, you will be the Jackpot Winner.


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Millionaires Club III

Millionaires Club III is similar to the first two games in this slot trilogy. This slot shoes off the lifestyle choices of the Millionaires Club like Roles Royce’s, diamonds, pearls, credit cards and cash.

Millionaires Club III’s progressive jackpot has been known to be rise to a million dollars or more at times. In order to win it, you will first have to trigger that bonus round. In the bonus round, if you land 3 jackpot symbols, you will be taken to the jackpot bonus round. Here, the player can spin 2 wheels. The wheels have arrows to take you to the next round and cash prizes. In order to win the progressive, you will need to get through the outer wheel by landing on an arrow. At this point you will spin again looking to land on the Jackpot.


Golden Nugget Casino offers great choices when it comes to blackjack. While reviewing all the blackjack versions, which have a wide variety of rules, we concluded the return to player (RTP), averaged about 99.5%. I have seen casino offering very low RTP in some instances but not at the Golden Nugget Casino. They have solid blackjack games, so it’s difficult pick a bad version. Just remember to adjust your strategy depending on the game you choose to play.

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BlackJack 99.57%


  • Blackjack with side bets – Bet the set, Royal Match 21, Kings Bounty.
  • 6 Deck
  • Split – Yes
  • Double After Split – Yes
  • Double Any 2 Cards – Yes
  • Dealer Stands On All 17

Micro Limit Blackjack 99.62% RTP

  • 8 Decks
  • Multi Hand – Yes
  • Blackjack Pays 6:5
  • Dealer Stands On All 17’s – Yes
  • Double On Any 2 Cards
  • Split Aces – 3x
  • 5 Card Charlie – Yes

European Blackjack 99.59% RTP

  • 6 Decks
  • No Hole Card (Euro Rules)
  • Dealer Stands On All 17’s
  • Double On 9, 10, 11 Only
  • Double On Splits – Yes
  • Aces Split — One Card Only

Vegas Blackjack 99.60% RTP

  • 4 Decks
  • Dealer Stands On All 17’s
  • Double On Any Two Cards – Yes
  • Double After Split – Yes
  • Split Only Once
  • Auto Bet / Auto Strategy (Good Learning Tool)

SideBet Blackjack 99.51% RTP


  • 6 Decks
  • Dealer Stands On All 17’s
  • Split One Time Only
  • Double On Splits – Yes
  • Split Aces 1 Card Only
Side Bet Odds
KQ Bet is Mega Match, suit your first 2 cards, pays 2:1, Suit your first 2 cards and get KQ, win 50:1, If dealer matches your suited KQ, 5000:1
AJ Bet is a Blackjack bet that pays 18:1, Get blackjack and get paid
QQ Bet, 20 always wins
Any 20 pays 2:1
Suited 20 pays 5:1
Ranked 20 pays 10:1
Pair of queens pays 50:1
Pair of queens with dealer Blackjack pays 500:1
777 Bet win with a 7 on your first card for starters
1st card any 7 pays 5:1
First 2 cards 7 pays 25:1
First 2 cards 7 suited pays 150:1
First 3 cards 7 pays 500:1
First 3 cards suited pays 3000:1
88 Pair Play
First 2 cards are a pair Pays 12:1

BlackJack Players Suite 99.60% RTP

  • 6 Decks
  • Dealer Stands On All 17’s
  • Split Up To 2x
  • Double On Any 2 Cards
  • Double After Split
  • Split Aces 1 Card Only


How many ways can you spin a roulette wheel and make it interesting? Well Golden Nugget has figured out 5 ways, and keeps it interesting. They offer Roulette, European Roulette, 3 Wheel Roulette, Roulette Euro and Double Bonus Spin Roulette.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette


This popular roulette game has been upgraded so that when the ball lands in the extra-wide Yellow Bonus well, the Double Bonus Spin is triggered, giving 2 FREE chances to win on any standing bets. With a bet on the Bonus spot, the player could win over 1200x. It plays like an American Roulette, “0” and “00”, but has a distinctive space in the wheel “Bonus” which pay 12:1. 12:1 doesn’t sound great but as you give yourself a chance to win the 1200:1 bonus.

3 Wheel Roulette

Another popular Roulette variation at Golden Nugget is 3 Wheel Roulette. 3 Wheel Roulette give you 3 times the fun. They have tripled the action as well, they have also boosted your award potential with the newly supercharged Color Up Bonus. Based on the combination of the final numbers from the 3 wheels, a single Color Up Bonus bet makes you eligible for a half dozen different awards. All 3 wheels spin simultaneously.

Triple “0” = 1200x
Trip Numbers = 100x
Pair “0” = 25x
Straight = 10x
Pair = 5x
All Color Match = 2x

European Roulette


This is the classic version of Roulette. In contrast to the American version, the European version uses only a single “0” while the American version has “0” and “00” on the wheel. You will have slightly better odds playing the European version because of this. You can switch views while playing this game to give a more accurate casino feel.

Roulette Euro


This version of the classic plays pretty standard, but has a few advanced bet options. These wagers allow you to bet multiple spots on the board with just one click.
The Red Split will wager everywhere on the number board where 2 red squares share a side.
The Black Split will wager everywhere on the number board where 2 black squares share a side.
The Red Dragon wagers on a pattern or red squares along the board.
The Black Dragon wagers on a pattern or black squares along the board.
Odds and Pay Table remain 35:1. The only difference from the classic game is the presets.

American Roulette

Now this is the traditional roulette that you know, Numbered 1-36 and include “0” and “00”. Your odds are slightly improved playing the European version of this classic since American Roulette adds a “00” to the board and does not change the odds. Good Luck!

Other Table Games

While Golden Nugget has out done themselves when it comes to the tradition games they have made a fantastic job at rounding out their casino with other loved table games. A few favorites are Three Card Poker, Let it Ride, Casino War, Baccarat, Craps, and Pai Gow poker. While the list is longer, one thing you can count on is that Golden Nugget will continue to add new games as long as people ask for them.


Mobile Offerings

SCORE 9.2 / 10

Mobile Offering

Golden Nugget has not taken any shortcuts when it comes Mobile. They have one of the strongest Mobile programs in AC. From Blackjack to Roulette, Golden Nugget has you cover anywhere in New Jersey. Boast over 45+ games for your smart phones in both the Apple and Android Apps.

The Golden Nugget’s App is visually appealing. Great graphics across their navigation menu bar, allows you to easily find the games you want to play. They have been fully optimized to adapt to the various display sizes of mobile phones and tablets, and still retained their classic Golden Nugget online feel. Once you experience their mobile version you can easily understand why Golden Nugget mobile has become so popular in New Jersey.
View the entire selection of Mobile Games from Golden Nugget Casino HERE.

Mobile Apps


Blackjack Mobile


Video Poker Mobile


Other Casino Favorites On Mobile


Sign-Up Bonus

SCORE 9.0 / 10

Sign-Up Bonus

The Golden Nugget Casino offers a $10 free, you will receive this when your register for the first time. You must wager through the $10 one time and you will be able to keep the winnings. You may choose to keep playing it or withdraw if you wish. Golden Nugget offers this simple system of deposit because they know once you try their casino you will love it.

Golden Nugget Casino also offers a first deposit 100% match up to $300. There is a $30 minimum deposit required regardless if you use this promotion or not. If you choose to accept the 100% match deposit you must realize that there is a stipulation that comes with the free money. It called play through. What this means at Golden Nugget is that you must wager the deposit and free bonus 20x. An example of this is a $100 deposit plus a $100 match bonus, would equal $200. $200 x 20 (play through) would be $4000. So you must wager enough times to equal $4000 in play. Now the rub, the slots will count at 100% of the wager, but if you play all the other casino games they convert at a 29% rate. This means if you were to only play blackjack with the $100 match bonus you would need to wager $20,000 to own your bonus money. That being said, you can quickly go through $4000 with slot wagers. While $20,000 on table games takes a bit longer, it still works out to your advantage if you enjoy the games.

Always read the fine print on any casino deposit and check the play through rate. These promotions can and do change frequently. Again if you like playing its worth it but if you’re looking to play for just a quick hour or two then do not feel bad to decline the offer.

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Bonuses and Promotions

SCORE 8.0 / 10

Golden Nugget Casino offer a Game of the Week. They will change the games up so you see all the titles throughout the year. How this promotion works is by wagering a certain amount, in this case its $200 on the game of the week between certain days, you will receive $5 back, credited to your account. While playing $400 or more will land $10 back in your account. All credits will be posted within a few days of playing.

Another promotion which everyone loves is the 1% cash back promotion. This Golden Nugget prepaid is accepted anywhere the Discover card is. You will receive 1% cash back on ALL debit and credit card loads. You can easily transfer funds to your Golden Nugget account.

As long as you use your prepaid card once a month there is no monthly fee. Remember, anywhere a Discover card is accepted. Easy to make deposits and withdrawals.


Looking for a fast and convenient way to fund your Online Casino Account? Look no further than our Golden Nugget Prepaid Card.

No Monthly Cardholder Fees

You can enjoy the multiple benefits available when enrolling, including fast cashouts and extra bankroll.

1% Cashback Promotion

Load your prepaid card and enjoy a 1% cashback on ALL debit and credit card loads. Then transfer the funds to your gaming account from your prepaid card.

Use your prepaid card at least once a month and you will not be charged the current monthly $3 fee.*

You can easily fund your Golden Nugget Prepaid Card with your credit or debit card, or via ACH. Once your Prepaid Card is loaded you can instantly transfer funds into your online account and start playing. Furthermore, you will enjoy fast cash outs!

Don’t wait any longer! Enroll for Golden Nugget’s Prepaid Card and start enjoying your benefits today.


Sign up today and receive a $10 Free Play Bonus! Then you can try out all of our casino games without risking your own cash!

That’s right! We will credit a $10 Free Play Bonus to your account, “on the house” – to get you warmed up at our real money casino before making a deposit. We are delighted to have you onboard at Golden Nugget Casino!

Get Your Free Play Bonus In A Few Simple Steps

1. Sign up with Golden Nugget Online Casino using the Casino Promo Code “10FREE
2. Get your $10 Free Play Bonus on the spot.
3. Let the action begin and start winning on the best online casino games!

Look forward to seeing you at the games.


Bring your gaming experience to the next level by taking advantage of all the offers and perks provided by the VIP program from Golden Nugget Casino.

Membership of this exclusive VIP program is by invitation only. It features the best casino games with enhanced table limits, 5 star VIP support, exclusive bonuses and cutting edge promotions. All tailor- made arrangements to suit your needs.

And don’t forget that Golden Nugget has been delivering the most exclusive VIP treatment for more than 60 years! As a member of our online casino VIP program, you will benefit from this heritage of incomparable excellence.

Becoming a Golden Nugget VIP requires:

1. Activity – playing regularly at the casino is the key to becoming a Golden Nugget VIP
2. Player Value – our VIP program is designed to entertain all VIPs – from high rollers, to frequently depositing players
3. Loyalty – your loyalty pays off at Golden Nugget Casino through fantastic rewards and incentives.

Do you think you should be part of our VIP program but you haven’t received your invitation yet? Send us an email at and apply for your membership.

Loyalty and VIP Program

SCORE 8.5 / 10

This VIP program is by invitation only, well sort of. If you call up and ask about joining the VIP program and you play at the Golden Nugget Casino there is a good chance they will let you behind the velvet rope. If you are a true gambler you may want to join. They are said to have “enhanced table limits” for those in the club. The have exclusive bonuses and a VIP support for the program members.

This would be the weakest link in the fence for Golden Nugget Casino. Everyone enjoys being treated like a VIP especially when we wager our hard earned money. If you are not a VIP do not worry, they will still send out promotions and other benefits. We all like to earn extra “stuff”, you must pledge your loyalty by playing often at Golden Nugget for them to reciprocate.

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Banking Options

SCORE 9.0 / 10

Golden Nugget Online Casino offers all the standard deposit/withdrawal methods with one exception their Golden Nugget Prepaid Card. The Prepaid card is a great choice if you like to deposit and withdrawal often. The Golden nugget pre-paid card can be used anywhere a Discover card can be used as well. You can fund it with a debit or credit card or a ACH deposit, very easy to use.


Golden Nugget Online Casino offers all the standard deposit/withdrawal methods with one exception their Golden Nugget Prepaid Card. The Prepaid card is a great choice if you like to deposit and withdrawal often. The Golden nugget pre-paid card can be used anywhere a Discover card can be used as well. You can fund it with a debit or credit card or a ACH deposit, very easy to use.

Instant E-Check (ACH)

ACH Deposit are quick. You will need to have your banking details available. Checking and bank routing number are required, the account name on the bank must be the same on the Golden Nugget player account for the transaction to go through. Money will be available immediately.



Online Bank Transfer

Easily transfer money from your bank account to your casino account. The deposit request will be pending until the funds have cleared our bank account. Once the funds are cleared the deposit will be authorized and the money will be available in your online account. NOTE bank transfer deposit can take up to 7 business days to clear.

Mastercard & Visa

Visa and Master card are accepted. There have been issues with credit card deposits as the credit card companies to do always recognize these transactions. When they are recognized they are considered Cash advances so be prepared to pay the interest and cash advance fees associated with your account. Although it is an option, we do not recommend credit cards as your first choice for deposit.



You can transfer funds from your casino account (Safekeeping) directly to your online account at the Golden Nugget Casino cage. All you need to do is provide the cage attendant with your username, proof of identity and answer the security question. You will be able to use your funds immediately.

Personal Check

You can send personal check. This deposit method will take up to 4 days after Golden Nugget receives your personal check.


Cash At The Casino

You can deposit cash at the Golden Nugget Casino Cage. Just go to the cage and tell the cashier that you would like to make a deposit into your Golden Nugget account, make sure you provide your user name. These cash funds will be immediately ready to use.

Customer Service

SCORE 8.5 / 10

Customer Support

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff. They were helpful at offering other solutions when my cc was not accepted.

Hours: Phone Hours 8 A.M. – 1 A.M. (855) 582-5117

Email: 24/7

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