Caesars Casino New Jersey Review

Caesars Casino New Jersey Online Casino Review

ceasar casino nj

Online Casino Review

Caesars like many other casinos, both land based and online want to keep their players happy, Caesar has done this through their Total rewards program. Outstanding games and good players is what makes this program work. Caesars has kept up their side of the bargain, it’s your turn to reap the rewards. Lots to offer a player in terms of choice, quality and benefits. Caesars has 100 games available to you 24 hours a day, 87 slot titles, 5 Blackjack, 3 Roulette, and 11 other table games for your enjoyment.

Notable Features


Total Rewards



Video Poker

Video Poker
18 Titles

Game Varieties


87 Slots





Table Games

11 Choice Table Games
Including Craps, Baccarat & Pai Gow

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Smart Choice Likes

Strong Loyalty Program (Total Rewards)

Earn Tier Credits and rewards Credits while wagering at Caesars. Earned credits can be used for shopping, dining, and hotel stays.


Caesars Casino New Jersey

Table Poker Games (8 varieties)

All the great Table poker games can be found here. 3 Card Poker, 4 Card Poker, Crazy 4 Poker, Mississippi Stud, Raise it Up, 6 Card Poker, Ultimate TexasHold’em, Pai Gao Poker, and Baccarat.

Mobile Casino

Caesars has made available numerous games on their mobile app. Caesars supports both Apple and Android. Both are available for download at their site after activating an player account. You are able to play on Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

Overall Score

SCORE 9.1 / 10

Caesars like many other casinos, both land based and online want to keep their players happy, Caesar has done this through their Total rewards program. Outstanding games and good players is what makes this program work. Caesars has kept up their side of the bargain, it’s your turn to reap the rewards. Lots to offer a player in terms of choice, quality and benefits.

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Site Design

SCORE 9.0 / 10



As you go to sign up with Caesars casino you will be asked a few personal questions to open you new account. These questions are standard since the passing of the Patriot Act. The patriot act makes it mandatory to collect certain information from the depositor to make sure these in no money laundering or shifting monies offshore. They are required to get you name, address, email address, date of birth, and your social security number. This is the same information that is needed to open a bank account in the US as well. Look at you Caesars account as a bank account, which will be protected by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement.


With years of experience under their belt, Caesars has made a simple and straightforward Casino lobby. Once signed in, you will see a navigation bar at the top of the screen with pages reading PROFILE, BONUSES, BALANCES, WITHDRAW, ACCOUNT STATEMENT, RESPONSIBLE GAMING. AND LOGOUT. The next row will have CASINO GAMES, PROMOTIONS, TOTAL REWARDS, AND HELP or SUPPORT.


These pages allow you to navigate anywhere on the site. Alternatively, just if you do not need any of the services you can scroll down and go directly to Caesars casino games. You will see pages marked FEATURED, SLOTS, BLACKJACK, ROULETTE, TABLE GAMES, and VIDEO POKER.


By clicking on the one of the pages, it will open up a view of all the games in that category. So if you click on TABLE GAMES you will see all the TABLE GAMES available at Caesars at this time. The titles include: 3 Card Poker, Pai-Gow, Four Card Poker, Casino War, Crazy 4 Poker, Mississippi Stud, Raise it up, Baccarat, Six card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

At any time while playing at Caesars ( as long as you not in the middle of a game)  you can quickly move to another game or check your account statement. Caesars has made this casino a one click casino for your convenience.

Players Support

Caesars provides a FAQ page that relates to all their properties. My recommendation if you have a specific question use the Start Chat button on the support page or call the Toll-Free number 800.986.9248. If you feel more comfortable emailing you can get quick feedback at


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Limited Accessibility Outside New Jersey

As you know Gaming is not allowed outside the state of New Jersey. Caesars allows you to play the games in demo mode if you are outside of New Jersey. You can also view your account details, balance, and make deposits while outside of New Jersey.

Game Choice

SCORE 9.0 / 10

Caesars game count has been on the rise since it began its online journey. They have more than doubled their slot count which indicates their slot games are doing well. They continue to add game titles which shows me that they are interested in their players wants and are willing be flexible. Caesars also have a number of table games available including 5 versions of Blackjack, 3 Roulette’s, and 10 other games. They have made a commitment to quality gaming. Caesars has game content for Amaya, IGT, and High 5 Games.

These four Progressive Jackpot slots keep growing until somebody wins, then they start growing all over again. You have a chance to win over one million dollars on these progressive slots.

Caesars Casino New Jersey

Rags To Riche$ | Progressive Slot

Rags to Riche$ is a 5 reels 20 payline progressive slot. It’s nice seeing bars of gold and cognac bottles while you play but what we want to see is the progressive jackpot hit and send us home rich.

Millionaires Club III | Progressive Slot

Millionaires Club III is a 5 reel 20 payline progressive slot with a millionaire’s attitude. This high volatility slot shows off Rolls Royce’s and Diamond bracelets. You will be riding in style and dressed to the 9’s when you hit this jackpot.

Caesars Casino New Jersey

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Captain Nemo | Progressive Slot

Captain Nemo is a 5 line 20 payline progressive slot that has nautical theme. Discover the ocean depths while trying to find the treasure that Captain Nemo has hidden.  You will encounter octopus, Giant clams, and treasure maps on your journey to the progressive jackpot.

Sushi Express | Progressive Slot

Sushi Express is a 5 reel 30 payline progressive slot that will either make you hungry for more or satisfy your money cravings.  This animated sushi slot keep you laughing as the characters can make noises while you win. Have some sushi with the sushi express.

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More Slot Choices

Caesars has built up their slot collection to 87 titles, you will know most of the titles if you play in the Caesars Land based Casino. They have made a real step ahead since the opening of Caesars Online Casino by adding more great games to an already great gaming experience.

Caesars Casino New Jersey

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Some Of Our Favorite Slots At Caesars

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Platinum Quick Hit

Platinum Quick Hit is a 5 reels 30 payline slot gives you the feeling you are in at Caesars land based casino.  All the sounds and intensity in your living room. This is the Platinum standard all slots should what to obtain. 3 Free Game icons puts you into the Bonus round. You will need to keep picking until you match 3 like awards to reveal the number of free spins and the multiplier.

Quick Hits Pays:

9 Quick Hits give you 2000x your wager

8 Quick Hits give you 650x your wager

7 Quick Hits give you 100x your wager

6 Quick Hits give you 50x your wager

5 Quick Hits give you 10x your wager

4 Quick Hits give you 5x your wager

3 Quick Hits give you 1x your wager





Cleopatra Slot

Cleopatra Slot is a 5 reel 20 line slot from ancient Egypt. Get three or more scatters (Sphinx) anywhere on the reels and you will unlock Cleopatra’s Bonus, 15 free spins with a multiplier.

  • 5 scattered Sphinx symbols will give you 100x your bet
  • 4 scattered Sphinx symbols will give you 20x your bet
  • 3 scattered Sphinx symbols will give you 5x your bet
  • 2 scattered Sphinx symbols will give you 2x your bet

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Battle For Olympus

Battle for Olympus is a 5 reel 50 line slot. Travel back to ancient mythological Greece and unlock all the treasures the gods have been saving for you. Once you have unlocked the bonus game, then you must choose your champion, Zeus or Hades. They put on a spectacular battle, while you are the winner.

Shark Bite

Shark Bite is a 5 reel 20 payline slot that makes you feel like you’re in an aquarium. This aquarium themed slot features the WILD SHARK, Treasure chests, and a multitude of reef fish. You can trigger the 10 free bonus spin by landing 3 free spins icons. A Bonus game can be won by landing 2 bonus icons on reels 2, 3, or 4.

Caesars Casino New Jersey

Blackjack Offerings At Caesars

Blackjack comes in many varieties at Caesars Casino. They offer Vegas Blackjack, European Blackjack, Micro limit Blackjack, and a Side Bet Blackjack. Although Blackjack is a standard game, trying to get closest to 21 without going bust, they all have different rules which will change your typical return to player (RTP).

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Vegas Blackjack (RTP 99.59)

This is the best RTP in Blackjack at Caesars other than the Micro limit blackjack. You can play with an AUTO-STRATEGY/AUTO BET which can be adjusted to suit your style of play.

  • 4 Decks
  • Play up to 5 hands
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • Double on any 2 cards
  • Split Aces, 1 card only

European Blackjack (RTP 99.56)

European Blackjack is a nicely done realistic Blackjack with all the style that is Caesars. Well-done table, with 3 spots for you to wager. Can be played at three different wagering levels, $1-$100, $5-$250, and $15-$500.

  • 6 Decks
  • Dealer stands on 17
  • Double Down on 9,10, or 11
  • Double Down on Splits
  • No Resplits
  • Splitting Aces, one card only

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Sidebet Blackjack (RTP without Sidebet 99.5)

In this version of Blackjack the House gives us 5 sidebets that are advantageous to the house, but lucrative if you hit them. Sidebet Blackjack plays like all Blackjacks: 6 Decks, Dealer stands on soft 17, Double Down on any 2 cards, Double Down on Splits and No re-splits.

Cash Queens

  • Any 20 pays 2-1
  • Any suited 20 pays 5-1
  • Any suited King, Jack, or 10 pays 5-1
  • Pair of Queens pays 50-1
  • Pair of Queens with a Dealer Blackjack pays 500-1

Crazy 7’s

  • First cards any 7 pays 5-1
  • First 2 cards 2 unsuited 7’s pays 25-1
  • First 2 cards 2 suited 7’s pays 150-1
  • First 3 cards 3 unsuited 7’s pays 500-1
  • First 3 cards 3 suited 7’s pays 2000-1

Mega Match

  • Suited cards pay 2-1
  • Suited King and Queen 50-1
  • Suited King and Queen and Match Dealer 500-1

Blackjack Attack

  • Blackjack pays 18-1 plus you play your hand

Pair Play

  • If your first 2 cards are a pair, pays 12-1

Video Poker

Caesars offers 18 Video Poker titles.  They defiantly have an inventory of games but just a few stand out as truly excellent versions of our beloved Video Poker. I must point out the IGT games are by far superior games by comparing their graphics and ease of use. Although all the games have similar pay tables the IGT Video Poker sands on its own in comparison.

If you are new at Video Poker, there are a handful of Video Poker games that can be very educational. They offer an Auto-hold portion that will show you the best cards to keep in order achieve a winning hand. Use this option as a learning tool, but keep in mind each game is different, so be careful to use the learned strategy on Video Pokers with the same rules.

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Mobile Offerings

SCORE 9.1 / 10 has made accessing their casino from your smartphone easy for everyone. The mobile app can be downloaded for the iphone, ipad, and Android. Caesars app offers a handful of games optimized for both apple and android devices. While the mobile app does not offer all the games that the desktop has, it gives you some of the most popular games available at this time.




Bonuses and Promotions

SCORE 9.0 / 10


Don’t let those hard earned Reward Credits just sit around. You can convert Online Reward Credits to cash with the click of a button. Login, click the “Balances” tab and get more cash to play your favorite online casino games.


Hey Jersey, play real money online casino games on us! Simply register your account at and get a $10 registration bonus – no deposit required. Open your online casino account today and we’ll give you $10 to play with.


Make your first deposit and we’ll match it 100% up to $300. Deposit, activate your bonus in your account, then start playing today!

Loyalty and VIP Program

SCORE 8.5 / 10

Caesars Total Rewards program allows you to earn and use points at over 40 Total Rewards resorts and casinos. You will need to join at Once enrolled you can connect your online account to your Total Rewards Account and start earning as you play.

You earn both Tier credits and Reward credits as you play. The rewards credit can be transferred to your total rewards account and can be redeemed for dining, shows, casino play, hotel stays, shopping and golf.

Your Tier credits will move you from Gold Status to Seven Star status. As you move up in tier Status you will unlock extra rewards and discounts on purchases.

At all credits, both tier and rewards are based on game play:

Slots earn 1 tier and 1 Reward for every $10 wagered

All other games earn 1 Tier and 1 Reward for every $100 wagered


Deposit / Withdrawal

SCORE 9.0 / 10

Depositing at Caesars has never been easier. They have 6 different deposit methods, all work, but some credit card issuers do not accept online gaming deposits. Check with your credit card provider to see if these transactions are approved. We find the ACH deposit (electronic check) is the fastest and easiest to use.
There is a minimum deposit amount of $10 when depositing at You do not need to be located in New Jersey to make a deposit, but you will need to be in New Jersey to play for real money.


Instant E-Check (ACH)

This is a simple way to make a deposit. Your player account name must match the name on your bank account for the transaction to be approved. You will need to supply your bank account number and routing. This process is seamless and your deposit will post to your gaming account quickly.

Mastercard & Visa

*Not all credit card companies will allow deposits into gaming accounts, check with your issuing credit card company before trying this deposit method.

If your credit card company allow deposits then you will need to supply

Card Holder Name
Credit Card #
Expiration Date
Security Number on card
**Credit Cards often treat deposits as cash advances, which usually incur an additional fee’s from your card company. Check with your CC provider to check the fee’s before using.



Online Bank Transfer

This is another simple way to make a deposit. Your player account name must match the name on your bank account for the transaction to be approved. You will need to supply your bank account number and routing. Depending on the speed of your bank, this process could take up to 3 days to post your deposit.


NETTELLER is an online wallet that will allow you to deposit and withdrawal. You will need to open an account at NETTELLER. After opening your NETTELLER account you can seamlessly deposit and with your funds between your Caesars online account and your NETTELLER wallet.



Pay Near Me

A deposit method that allows you to deposit cash at various locations near you. You will need to go to the deposit page after setting you your account. Under deposit method, click on Pay Near Me and fill out deposit information. You will then be asked to find a Pay Near Me location near you and make your cash deposit that you have provided in the deposit information. These Pay Near Me locations include 7-Eleven, ACE Cash Express, and Family Dollar.

Cash At Caesars Cage

If you are in Atlantic City you may deposit funds at the Casino Cage located on the gaming floor of the casino. You will need you online account name and a piece of identification with your name on it.


Customer Service

SCORE 9.3 / 10

Caesars has a great customer service center that can provide you with answers to any questions you have regarding your account or promotions. You can also access their FAQ’s under the support tab on the home page. These answers to their FAQ’s may have all your answers, but if you are like me and would like to speak with a real person you can call toll free at 800.986.9248. Hours 24/7. Alternatively you can reach customer support at

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