888 Online Casino Review New Jersey

888 online casino review

888 Online Casino Review

888 Casino New Jersey Review
  • 9.2/10
    Design & Functionality - 9.2/10
  • 8.6/10
    Game Variety - 8.6/10
  • 8.5/10
    Mobile Offering - 8.5/10
  • 9.4/10
    Sign-Up Bonus - 9.4/10
  • 8.3/10
    Promotions - 8.3/10
  • 8.2/10
    Loyalty Program - 8.2/10
  • 9.0/10
    VIP Program - 9.0/10
  • 9.7/10
    Banking Options - 9.7/10
  • 9.8/10
    Customer Support - 9.8/10

888 Online Casino New Jersey

FREE! Go Large! That’s the SmartChoice motto for 888Casino. From the $20 Free Sign-up Bonus to the $1500 cash match deposit bonuses, 888 is setting itself apart from all the Legal Online NJ Casinos. 888 stands out with their Deal of the Day Monday thru Sunday.

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Smart Choice Online Casino’s Overview

$20 Welcome Bonus

FREE! Go Large!  That’s the SmartChoice motto for 888Casino. From the $20 Free Sign-up Bonus to the $1500 cash match deposit bonuses, 888 is setting itself apart from all the Legal Online NJ Casinos.

888 stands out with their Deal of the Day Monday thru Sunday.

888 casino review

888Casino Is An Online Casino Forefather

888Casino in New Jersey is the US subsidiary of one of the world’s oldest and well-known online casino brands with players in over 176 countries. Founded in 1997, 888Casino is one of the forefathers of the online casino industry, and in November 2013 amassed their decades of experience from all over the world and put it to good use here in New Jersey.

888Casino is the only operator/games developer to be live in all of three states in the United States that legally offer online casino and/or poker (Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey). In New Jersey, 888Casino has partnered with Caesars Entertainment offering 888Casino games also on Harrahscasino.com.

An Established Global Leader

As the worldwide leader in the sector, we rightly expected a lot from this formidable operator, and so far the results have been mixed. Their decades of experience as the leading worldwide casino operator does not go unnoticed when reviewing their site.

Their targeted bonuses, excellent payments, and customers service, as well as superior graphics and audio on proprietary games, sets them apart of many of the other New Jersey casinos.

Especially unique is their customizable casino floor, allowing you to bookmark your favorite games to create your very own lobby that remembers you when you return. 888Casino offers five variants of Roulette, including French Roulette so if you’re a Roulette lover, you have found your home.

888Casino’s game selection 157 slot games, many of which are familiar titles available on most Atlantic City and Las Vegas casino floors.

888 is limited with their current casino game variety, they Do Blackjack and Roulette like no other, but lack in the specialty games. It is rumored that they will be adding some new and exciting new games in 2018.  So, what they lack in-game offers, they more than makeup for in operational expertise.

This makes 888Casino the SmartChoice pick for the ‘One to Watch’ for 2018.

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Notable Features

  • Software: Cassava Ltd (888 Holdings)
  • Customizable lobby
  • 157 Slot machine titles ( 29 Proprietary)
  • 17 Jackpot Slots2 variants of Blackjack (each with high-limit option)
  • 5 variants of Roulette
  • Fee $20 Sign Up Bonus—No Deposit Required
  • Great Daily Prom Proprietary options
  • Cash Loyalty Program

Smart Choice Quick Reference
Overview  •  Features   •  Likes   •   Design  •   Games
Mobile   •   Loyalty   •   Banking   •   Customer Service

Smart Choice Likes

888Casino’s Decades of Experience

888Casino is the most well-known casino brand in online gaming worldwide and winner of many prestigious awards dedicated to operational excellence for an online casino. 888Casino’s vast experience and operational savviness have made them the most formidable competitor in the sector.

They have built and maintained their leadership position and are known best for operational know-how including bonuses, promotions, customer service, games, loyalty program etc.

SmartChoice realizes that the New Jersey online casino market is still very young, and 888Casino has the additional hurdle of not being a local household name.

Yet when we look to their European site which has had the benefit of 20 years of experience, we can easily see what 888 is capable of with a little time. Don’t disregard this site because it lacks well some known slot titles, that’s easily fixable.

Superior Personalized User Experience

With experience comes knowledge. 888Casino certainly offers players an experience that is unparalleled.

From the moment you sign-on, you will notice the difference.

The sleek lobby offers hi-resolution graphics with ‘tab’ like functionality similar to a browser for easy navigation. Even better, the customized lobby allows you bookmark your favorite games. Tired of hunting and pecking for your favorite games.

Problem solved! Just ‘Favorite’ those games you enjoy most, and you will have your own customized lobby that you can save for the next time you log back in. Forget to bookmark the game?  All sorted. The site will remember the games you frequented most and place them at the bottom of your lobby. Pretty clever!

Easy To Use Promotions with High Matching Limits

888Casino (and its sister site Harrahscasino.com) is the only casino that actually integrates the promotion directly into the deposit screen. It’s easy and certainly reduces the chances for mistakes.

The SmartChoice motto for 888Casino has been Go Large and that’s what you will find here.

888Casino offers a cap on their bonuses that typically reach $1500. You will only find $200 or more on a few sites in New Jersey so take advantage!  While the associated wagering requirement is also high, this is commensurate with the high reward. If you like to play large, then you will like it here.

This is especially true for high roller Slot players as Slots earn 10x the amount toward the wagering requirements to release the free play bonus winnings than Blackjack and Video Poker.

888 online casino review

Smart Choice Quick Reference
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Mobile   •   Loyalty   •   Banking   •   Customer Service

888 Casino Summary

888Casino is the Smart Choice’s pick for ‘One to Watch’

We like to think of 888Casino as the dark horse in the race that may start slow out of the gate, but is well positioned to make it up in a sprint to the finish line.

Their slick design, excellent graphics and customizable lobby all have the makings of a great casino.

Their table game choice is sparse, while 888’s slot machine titles are enormous. 888 Casino ’s targeted bonuses and promotions re-aimed at high roller Slot and skilled blackjack players who mainly play on a Desktop or Mobile device.

888 poker can be accessed from the casino site as well. Check out the cyber poker rooms at 888Casino and play in a  poker tournament.

888Casino has a great reputation outside the United States in markets that don’t prohibit online wagering, and we believe we will also have the same fantastic experience in here the US.

Not many people remember, they were once the powerhouse online casino in the United States prior to the online gaming ban in 2006. Returning to the US market in 2013, 888Casino is only now getting their feet wet.

During this first critical, it was obvious the majority of their initial focus was on poker as well as catering to 6 other brands in the US for which they are responsible for supplying their games. We believe 888Casino’s own site has suffered a little but now they have their feet firmly back onto US soil and have refocused on their gambling site, and it shows.

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Design & Functionality

Easily one of 888’s biggest asset, site navigation, and functionality create a completely unique experience to for players.

Starting with the registration process to log-on, the process is simple and intuitive.

Customizable lobby for quick access to games, tabular navigation similar browser tabs and sleek lobby design demonstrate 888Casino’s decades of experience. There were a few little glitches in the launch of NJ but now 888 runs smoothly.


Upon registration or log-in, a separate dedicated page is launched which is great for many players but admittedly can be annoying for some.

The simple to use interface has been tweaked over many of years to create the optimal registration experience. One shortcoming in the registration process is the asking for all nine digits of the player’s social security number.

It’s an invasive ask but something that is required as part of the Federal Government’s Patriot Act passed over a decade ago. While we cannot fault 888Casino for this, it cannot go unnoticed that they, along with the clear majority of casinos in New Jersey, are still asking for all nine digits, when we know it is possible to just ask for four digits (seen on Tropicana Casino and Virgin Casino).


Leveraging almost two decades of experience, 888Casino has spent ample resources redesigning the site navigation to optimize the player journey. The simple yet sleek lobby allows for complete customization by the player.  All you have to do is a simple drag and drop the game tiles into the ‘My Favorites’ boxes.

Bookmarking your favorite games allows for quick access which is permanently saved for when you sign back in at a later date. If you don’t want to create your own lobby, no problem. The default lobby features your most recent and frequented games for quick and easy access.  It’s both clever and effective!

The site is built in tabular form (similar to a web browser), so each time you drill down off of the lobby, a new tab opens up to the right. While surfing around, you can continue to add tabs or easily close any tab by clicking the ‘X’ on the top of the tab. Another great feature is the ease of finding cashier off of the main lobby page sporting a bright bold red button.

Another great feature is the ability to view the list of games in either Grid View, which features the games in graphical form (default view) or list view (below) which shares more information about each of the games including minimum, maximum, jackpots, pay lines etc.

Support Information

888 has one of the most-well development, complete and insightful FAQs for answering questions as efficiently as possible. Which is why they probably make the contact details for customer service, which is only located in the cashier, so difficult to find.

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Game Variety

888 Games

Game Variety is, unfortunately, 888 Casino’s biggest weakness to an otherwise exceptional overall offering. With 157 Slots,  only 2 Blackjack, 5 Roulette and no other Casino games, the game variety on 888 Casino (and its sister casino HarrahsCasino.com) is sparse.

Currently, the site offers 29 exclusive 888 Casino’s built games and huge mix of Casino floor slot titles. So, those slot players who enjoy playing their favorite games on the casino floor will find most of those games here at 888.. 888Casino’s Roulette offering is by far its shining star with five variants of the traditional spinning game. 888Casino doesn’t disappoint with their massive jackpot slots, along with their most exciting exclusive games. This helps 888 Casino make up for the lack of quantity.

Classic Slots

888 Slots

888Casino currently offers 29 proprietary slot games not found anywhere in New Jersey, with the exception of HarrashCasino.com.  While you may not be familiar with any of the proprietary Slots as they are not offering any of the familiar titles available on the casino floor, 888Casino’s Slots are pretty unique.

What I like most about the 888Casino is how often you win. This is typical of slots that are developed outside the US offering players lots of wins often albeit small. 888Casino’s proprietary Slots offer a lot of variety with pay lines ranging from 9 to 100 lines.

If just love those 25 lines slots, then you will like it here.  Almost half of the slots pay out 25 different ways.   All but one of the classic slots (City Life 2) offers free spins and half of the games offer a unique bonus round.

Jackpot Slots

888 Jackpots

888 Casino’s progressive jackpot Slots one of the most things that makes this site stand out from its competition. Some of 888’s Jackpot Slots are over $640,000 at the time of this writing.


888 Blackjack

888 offers two versions of Blackjack, Classic American and European Blackjack, each with a Premium version allowing for higher minimum and maximum stakes.  All of the Blackjack is offered as multi-hand so you can play up to 5 hands at the same time. Some could criticize that 888Casino does not offer multi-player, allowing you to play with other people at the table. Frankly, when I’m playing at home, I much prefer playing multi-hand, single person blackjack. Other people just frustrate me when they play poorly, and it generally slows the game down.

I really like the crisp graphics and great audio quality on 888Casino Blackjack. Both American and European Blackjack offer these superior qualities. On the downside however, the pace could be a bit quicker, especially for multi-hand, and I am not huge turbo mode which lays all of the cards out at once.

One final criticism is 888Casino’s variant of American Blackjack doesn’t allow re-splitting and player can only double down on 9, 10 and 11. This deviates from the traditional American Blackjack and I would like to see these restrictions removed. Overall, 888Casino blackjack is a solid standard blackjack.

Both variants of Blackjack offers a minimum bet of $1.00 which is standard in New Jersey from what I’ve seen with a maximum of $300. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, then take a seat at the Premium Blackjack, which offers the exact same rules with a minimum of $5 and Maximum of $2,000.


888 Roulette

888 Casino offers three variants including the traditional Classic American Roulette (regular and Premium offering) with a zero and double zero. For those who don’t mind getting a little Euro and seek better odds, 888Casino also offer both European and French Roulette both offering only one zero, which double your odds.

Interestingly, the European Roulette doesn’t offer standard European rules, however, the French Roulette offers the traditional La Partage French rules that return half of the losing even money bets if the ball lands on zero.  Viva La France! Meet you at the Roulette table.

Video Poker

888 Casino’s does not offer a Video Poker If Video Poker is your game then we suggest you play at Caesarscasino.com which offers 17 different types of Video Poker, including the well-known IGT variants.

Other Table Games?

It’s pretty clear that 888Casino is lacking on some very popular table games including Baccarat, Keno and Craps. We can’t entirely blame them entirely as they were prohibited from licensing some of the proprietary table games that have been copyrighted. While it is not entirely their fault, we would like 888Casino to consider expanding the popular generic table games such as Baccarat, Keno and Craps.

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Mobile Offering

Knights & Maidens offers players 25 line pay lines, while the PC version only offers 9 pay lines.

So, if you like playing 25 pay lines, then you will really like the mobile version of this game. If snooker is your thing, then there is another reason to download the app. You won’t find the Top Spin Snooker Slot on the 888Casino website, because it’s only available on the mobile app.

One drawback to 888Casino’s overall offering is that none of the bonus money can be played using the mobile app. So, when playing on the app, you cannot contribute bonus money wagering requirements to take advantage of generous promotions.  888 Android app is available for install on their main site, Us.888casino.com

Tips & Tricks for the mobile app

Just some tips and tricks when using the mobile app.

  • The cashier takes a very long time to load. So when you click on ‘Deposit’ don’t panic if you get a black screen for more than 5 seconds, it’s just slow loading.
  • When you are outside of New Jersey and want to make a deposit, don’t not click on ‘Full Cashier’ on the mobile cashier, it will take you to the full website that only lets you withdraw and you will get stuck as there is no back button.

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Sign-Up Bonus

888 Casino’s offers a combination of $10 registration bonus and $300 first time cash match deposit bonus.

The cash match bonus is an Immediate Bonus, offering serious players a higher than average cap ($300). Typical of high cap bonuses, there is also a 30x wagering requirement of the bonus to release the bonus into cash.

With different games contributing to the wagering requirement at different rates, this bonus is fantastic for hi-roller slot players and advanced Blackjack players and pretty good for Roulette and Video Poker. Click for more detail.

Registration Bonus: Give Your Bankroll a Boost with 888Casino’s registration bonus. Think of it like a tester with no deposit required for new players to see how you like the 888Casino games.

To receive the automatic bonus code, $20 bonus, you only need to register on the site; an email confirmation will then be sent to your email to verify the email address, and all you need to do is click on the verification email within 14 days of receiving the it in order to receive the $20 free play bonus.

But there is always at the catch, so here is the rub: You must wager at least $20 within 14 days of successfully clicking on the verification email (i.e. a 1x wagering requirement).  If the $20 wagering requirement is not met in 14 days, the free play money is removed from your account.

All winnings from the free play bonus will only be credited to your account once you have met the $20 minimum wagering requirement.  If you have not wagered at least $20 within the 14 days, any winnings from the free play money is also removed. Also, in order to qualify to withdraw those winnings, the $20 can only be wagered on

  • American Blackjack
  • American Roulette
  • Bloodlines Slot
  •  Casino Reels Slot

Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you the game restrictions anywhere on the website! The only way to find out is to call customer service.  It’s always in the fine print, but for this bonus, the fine print in this case isn’t so bad.

First Time Deposit Bonus (Welcome Bonus)

Give Your Bankroll a Boost again with 888Casino’s first-time deposit bonus, offering first-time depositors 100% cash match up to $1500.

Once you have gone through the standard geolocation and verification process, you will be sent a Welcome Bonus email which must be activated within 7 days of receipt of the email, and wagered 30x the bonus amount within 30 days of deposit.

Again there is always a catch. We are here to read the fine print, so you don’t have to!  The Welcome Bonus is an Immediate Bonus which means the entire Welcome Bonus amount is granted to you to wager but is only able to be withdrawn when the wagering requirement is met (as opposed to a Restricted Bonus which is not granted to you immediately but rather released over time).

Important to note that you may withdraw your cash deposit at any time prior to the wagering requirement being satisfied but you will lose any balance of your Welcome Bonus.

Not to complicate things further, it’s important to note that not every game contributes to the wagering requirement equally. The following chart specifies how each game varies toward the wagering requirement contribution:

In this example, players who wager only Blackjack would need to wager 10x the amount of a slot player.

At the 30x wagering requirement, a slot player would need to wager $600 assuming they made a $20 deposit that gave them a $20 bonus. A Blackjack player would need to wager $6,000 to satisfy the wagering requirement for the same $20 deposit.

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Loyalty Program

888Casino offers a loyalty program that designed to cater to skilled Blackjack and high-value Slot lovers.

If you’re a big fan of loyalty points like me, you like to get the most out of my play. So stick with the more generous slots such as Dino Stempede, Top Spin Snooker, and City Life.

888Casino  offers a loyalty program, offering cash back after earning a minimum number of Status Points. Oddly information on the program can only be found in the Promotions Page, unlike 888Poker which offers a direct link at the top of the Poker homepage.

Once a player deposits and begins wagering, they immediately begin earning 888 Status Points.

The Status Point system is refreshingly simple: wager in exchange for cash. One Status Point is earned for every $16 wagered on a slot, $80 wagered on Roulette and $160 wagered on a table game (or another way it is described is that table games earn Status Points at a rate of 10% a slot game).

100 Status Points can be converted into $1 of cash. Once a player earns 300 Status Points, they are able to convert those into cash.

So is this a good deal or not? Well it depends. Ironically, Roulette is 888’s best all-around product, and yet the Status Points earned for play for Roulette is by far the lowest.

If you can get a slot that pays 95% or better, then you are in ideal shape with the Loyalty Program paying out around 1.56% of the Loss.

If the only Slot you can find is 95% payout, you get 1.25% which on par with Blackjack assuming you are playing with perfect basic strategy.

If you happen to not be the perfect Blackjack player then stick with Slots because the deterioration ratio is pretty steep. 1% off of perfect strategy will take you to a .42% return. A 92% return to player on a Slot will yield twice that amount.

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Banking Options

888Casino offers standard banking options, clearly explaining the deposit and withdrawal limits. The quick deposit option feature makes depositing fast and convenient 888Casino has clearly leveraged their years as an early adopter in this space making their cashier as simple and intuitive as possible.

The deposit method is very clearly laid out offering all of the standard banking options including Neteller.

While funding your account from outside New Jersey is not possible on desktop/laptop, however, it is available on the mobile device using your tablet or mobile phone (via the downloadable app).

There is a well-known industrywide problem with many local banks not allowing their customers the ability to deposit on a legal online casino the United States and thus stopping you from depositing using your credit card Visa and MasterCard.

The most popular methods include ACH and e-wallets such as Neteller. 888Casino has done a great job minimizing the pains to help you through this process as easy as possible.

Currently, 888 offers almost all of the standard methods to make a safe and secure deposit:

  • ACH Bank Transfer
  • Neteller
  • MasterCard Debit/Credit Card
  • Visa Debit/Credit Card
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Paynearme (via 7-11)
  • Cash at the Caesars Cage

The minimum amount to deposit is $10 for each of the payment methods. The information for the minimum and maximum deposits is clearly laid out in the mobile app; however, don’t go looking for it in the website cashier, it’s not there.

After calling customer service, they shared that for a number of payment method (ACH, Bank Transfer, and credit/debit cards) the actual maximum deposit may vary depending on which local bank you use. Limitations for many banking options can be pretty strict, so for those wanting to make a larger deposit, its best to stick with what we call ‘alternative’ payment methods such as Neteller.

When it comes to depositing in a safe and secure manner, 888Casino does an excellent job.

If we had one wish, it would be to see 888Casino add prepaid cards in the near future. They have worked really well for many other casinos in New Jersey and could only add to 888Casino’s already fantastic cashier.

Withdrawal options are a bit more sparse as credit cards, Online Baking transfer and PayNearMe are not available.

The main methods of withdrawal include Neteller, ACH Bank Transfer, Physical check and cash as the cashier.

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Customer Service

888Casino offers a full-service customer service with chat, telephone, and email. The customer service reps are kind, courteous and pretty knowledgeable though they often put me on hold to get the correct.

Located in Antigua, at times, it can be hard to understand some who have more pronounced accents but overall they get an A for effort! The contact information is a bit hidden only available in the cashier and the chat is only available if you are within the state borders.

Full-service customer service (email, chat, and telephone) is only available if you are physically in New Jersey and logged into your account. However, finding the customer service information can be quite tricky as its only readily available in the Cashier (off from the lobby).

For those outside New Jersey, contacting customer service is limited to only telephone or email but you can only get it if still logged on to the system or by viewing the information below. The inaccessibility of the customer support is what demoted their overall score.

We give high marks to the customer support team being very friendly and for the most part pretty knowledgeable. An interactive system helps players navigate through the system by offering a dedicated selection for both geolocation and deposits/withdrawals before getting to general queries.

Depending on which representative you get, the customer service may be a bit difficult to understand as all customer service calls are routed to Antigua.

Contact Details
Email Address: SupportNJ@888.com
Telephone: (855) 218.6234

If 888Casino would make its customer service more available throughout the site then we could easily increase the score here.

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