Smart Choice CasinosEveryone’s first complaint is payments. Yes many of the credit card companies have been loath to get involved leaving VISA and MasterCard rejecting c.40-50% of the transactions with the 7995 coding. This issue is very similar to the current US online horse wagering sector or the very early days of online gaming in many lucrative markets in Europe. While players do prefer ease of depositing with their credit card, there are a myriad of alternative payment solutions the most important being ACH transfer, eWallets such as Neteller and prepaid cards which have played a critical part in boosting the fledgling industry especially while it’s in its infancy.  Sure payments have been an issue but it is not insurmountable.  The fact is that even though the credit card issuers are rejecting over half of the transactions, over 80% of the people who initiate a deposit are able to make the transaction with an alternative payment solution. Payment companies have reported that the acceptance for MasterCard is now 75% for MC whereas VISA, who started at 35%, is now close to 70%. Granted in VISA’s case, this is largely because of the increasing weight of returning players, leaving 35% acceptance for new depositors. The combined average VISA/MasterCard acceptance is still 50%. Fortunately, most players hold different cards, taking the average decline closer to 40% decline rate for new players.